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Hi again. Time really passed very fast. I don't even have time to serve the net for any fun stuff and it's time to update my site. Therefore I have to say that once again I don't have any fun site to introduce to all of you.

But, I have a great info for all of those who are interested to buy Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Firework and Free Hand. I was walking around in Funan and I saw the Macromedia Cemter selling these four products at only S$60 each. YES!! S$60. While stock last. So make your move fast. The shop is at the fouth level.

I myself have bought the Dreamweaver software and have updated this week site using it. But I still haven't got the hand of it. Hope that from next week onwards I will be able to build a much better site using Dreamweaver. Bye.