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Here are some nice links...

This is another site with lots of funny flash jokes. I would recommend their flash joke, "super fly".

You can find the Xiao Xiao's flash movie. It's all very funny and worth a look.

This site is all about Mai Kuraki, a Japan singer. You can find her picture, profile and discography. You can also find the profile of the creater of the site, Nicholas.(He's a very handsome guy. Hehe.)

In this site you will be able to download and see a chinese flash movie, "STAR". The movie is really very touching and I am sure any one who see the show will feel sab for the guy in the story.(I think) The movie is in 5 parts. This site is really worth taking a look. So check it out.

This site is created by my secondary school friend, Chee Keong. The site is about him and his friends. It's a very well disign site so check it out anytime.

If you are looking for Japanese animation's mp3, this is the site to visit. You can request for the mp3 and the owner will post it up.

This site is created by my friend, Gary. It's about him, his friend and his favourite artist and so on. So.....check it out.